Tiny Tiny IRC is an open source AJAX-powered IRC client. The idea behind this being that you don't need either client software or even a stable network connection to stay connected to IRC, just keep the site opened to see new messages.

Screenshots: one, two

You can also use Android client to stay connected on the go, all without slow pesky reconnects because of mobile data connection instability.

Please note that at this point I don't do regular user support for tt-irc. If you can't fix potential issues using provided source while preferably filing pull requests to upstream, just use something else. Consider what is provided development codebase which #worksforme.


  • Supports multiple users and multiple IRC network connections per user
  • Has basic IRC client functionality and some additional niceties
  • Supports interface translations (work in progress)
  • Supports WebKit notifications
  • Draws the unread counter on a tab icon
  • Can be easily styled and themed with user CSS
  • Uses AJAX (with faux-PUSH updates) for fast and responsive operation
  • Free software, licensed under GNU GPL
  • Android client



  • HTTP server (anything that can run PHP will work, for example Apache)
  • PHP5 (requires compiled-in support for iconv, PostgreSQL and JSON functions)
  • Java (see JavaDependencies) to run backend connection server (see RunningConnectionDaemon).
  • PostgreSQL 8.3+ (MySQL is not supported because of JDBC unicode and other issues, don't enable it).


  • Any modern browser should work fine.


Download tarball (Github trunk code)

Please read the installation guide before installing.

Trunk code is available on Github

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