Tiny Tiny IRC is an open source AJAX-powered IRC client. The idea behind this being that you don't need either client software or even a stable network connection to stay connected to IRC, just keep the site opened to see new messages.

You can also use Android client to stay connected on the go, all without slow pesky reconnects because of mobile data connection instability.

There's no warranty. If it breaks you get to keep both parts.



  • HTTP server (anything that can run PHP will work, for example Apache)
  • PHP5 (requires compiled-in support for iconv, PostgreSQL and JSON functions)
  • Java (see JavaDependencies) to run backend connection server (see RunningConnectionDaemon).
  • PostgreSQL 8.3+ (MySQL is not supported because of JDBC unicode and other issues, don't enable it).


  • Any modern browser should work fine.


Trunk code is available on Github

Please read the installation guide before installing.