Official Tiny Tiny RSS client for Android

You have to enable API access in your tt-rss account preferences (Preferences -> Enable external API) before using the client.

Main features

  • Can use self-signed SSL certificates
  • Connect to tt-rss API behind HTTP Basic authentication
  • Separate interfaces for tables and smartphones
  • Offline mode with image caching
  • ShareAnything


My device shows black boxes when rendering articles and/or other graphical glitches

I'm afraid your device doesn't work properly. Play with compatibility options in Settings - Debugging, those might help. This usually applies to random chinese half-assed devices or those running 2.3.

Commonly requested features which are unlikely to happen

Don't ask for this on the issue tracker.

  • Notifications (you have X new unread articles)
  • Seamless offline mode without preloading/syncing

I want to only see unread / starred / etc articles

While browsing headlines, Menu -> Set view mode

I'm using an old tt-rss version (1.5.x) and I can't login using android client, it always returns login incorrect

The reason for this being older tt-rss versions do not support passing API parameters using JSON. This small diff adds support for this and makes this client (and possibly other clients) compatible.

"Trust any certificate" opens me to MITM attacks, please add custom keystore/certificate/whatever support

If you care about security so much, get a proper SSL certificate.


Source code is available on Github

Download binaries from Android Market


Licensed under GNU GPL version 2.

tt-rss-1.5.x-json-api.diff Magnifier - JSON parameter support for 1.5.x api server (729 Bytes) Andrew Dolgov, 01/17/2013 11:49 PM

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