Frequently Asked Questions

Community-related questions

People are being mean to me on the forums/issue tracker, what gives?

See this forum thread:

I can't figure out which changeset closed/modified the ticket

Repository information is only shown to registered users to reduce server load (Redmine seems to be really terrible with git performance-wise)

Why can't I register on the tracker?

This means the registration is currently closed. Use the forums instead.

Technical questions related to tt-rss

I'm on a shared hosting, and...

Too bad. Contact your hosting support. Running tt-rss on shared hosting of any kind is NOT SUPPORTED. Do not file bugs about shared hosting restrictions, they will be closed.

Same goes for people using packaged tt-rss versions and/or anything hosted on cloud platforms. In general, unless you downloaded tt-rss tarball from and installed it on a VDS, your installation is NOT SUPPORTED.

We now have a special subforum for people with shared hosting related questions. You can try posting there.

I'm experiencing random failures / UI glitches ({"error":{"code":7}}, {"error":{"code":6}})

Almost every time those are caused by malfunctioning and/or badly written browser extensions. Always try opening tt-rss without browser extensions running (i.e. separate Firefox profile, Chrome incognito mode, etc). This way you will be able to figure out which extension breaks things.

One of the extensions that causes such problems is Lastpass.

Also, see this forum thread:

I have trouble logging in or have other session-related problems

This includes getting errors like code: 6 and code: 7. Usually happens right after upgrade.

Try going through the steps below which should force your session to behave normally from then on:

1. Force logout by opening tt-rss/public.php?op=logout
2. Delete all session cookies from your tt-rss domain, e.g. ttrss_sid and ttrss_sid_ssl.
3. If that didn't help, delete everything from ttrss_sessions table in the database:

DELETE FROM ttrss_sessions

What should I use - MySQL or PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL should give you much better performance, especially if you tune it a bit.

See also: this thread

Dropdown select boxes in my browser don't work properly.

Check for third party touch-input related apps which apparently can screw this sort of thing up. See #570 for an example (in the comments).

Update: Touch devices can also prevent panels from moving, elements from being dragged (for example, you can't reorder filters by dragging), and cause other UI issues. This is a Dojo problem, report it to Dojo developers.

Related question:

I'm having intermittent UI glitches, sometimes when resizing the browser window

Dijit library used by tt-rss for its UI is (while being very functional and easy to work with) glitchy. Unfortunately there's nothing on the horizon to replace it with, so it stays for the time being.

I need a URL I can call to subscribe to feed to integrate with some third party browser extension/application.


SELF_URL_PATH = http://your.ttrss.server/tt-rss/

I need to get the number of unread articles in the simplest way.

(Forum thread)


No password required. In single user mode, use "admin" for login.

I read this feed which goes through FeedBurner and it behaves strangely.

FeedBurner seems to discriminate against tt-rss for some reason.

See "this thread": for more information.

N.B. Real classy behavior there, Google. Thanks a lot!

I have used the update daemon before, but switched away from it. However, the UI keeps nagging me about the daemon not running or not updating feeds or whatever.

Find and delete daemon lock file in LOCK_DIRECTORY. Usually, it's lock/update_daemon.lock. You can also remove update_daemon.stamp.

I have questions about article purging / I don't think purging works.

In short, you may and will see articles with date older than the cutoff for purging. Here's why:

1. Starred articles are not purged.
2. Purging is done based on article import date internal to tt-rss which could be different from the date specified in the original feed (e.g. article has date 01-01-1970, but it was imported today).
3. When tt-rss sees articles still exist in the feed it bumps the import date because otherwise the articles will get purged and reimported periodically causing annoyingly reappearing duplicates. This is mostly relevant for rarely updated feeds.
4. Purging is performed when the feed is updated hence disabled updates = no purging.

Please see these forum threads for more information:

You can see article import date if you mouse over displayed date in tt-rss web UI.

Related question:

I like to manually archive or delete articles and I get duplicates. Why?

Because the articles are still in the feed and get imported again.

The timeline is messed up, articles are not sorted correctly according to their date or logical sequence

The following only applies to feeds with broken dates - either using one date for all articles or not specifying it at all. Feeds with correct data just work without any perceived oddities.

This issue is partially connected with purging - tt-rss doesn't trust feed specified dates all that much while sorting headlines output because the dates might be specified incorrectly for the logical sequence of articles. Completely ignoring feed specified dates isn't the best idea though because it breaks correctly functioning feeds, so tt-rss uses a hybrid approach.

When feed update starts, new batch date is saved. While feed articles are processed feed specified date is also stored in the databases. Afterwards, tt-rss uses both dates to sort headlines - it sorts by batch date first and originating date second, which after some testing achieved the best results for keeping timeline logically ordered.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work after initial feed update when lots of articles are imported with one batch date. You may see articles sorted out of order in this case but this will eventually correct itself after a few updates. If the feed has broken article dates and produces lots of randomly ordered articles each time tt-rss runs the update, unfortunately there's not much to be done to fix it from tt-rss perspective.

Loading stops at 50%, browser debug console shows "error loading root children".

Try deleting everything from ttrss_counters_cache and ttrss_cat_counters_cache tables.

E.g. DELETE FROM ttrss_counters_cache

Using Firefox, "OPML Import window" always visible in Preferences

Apparently it's some addon or a browser setting problem, using clean profile helps.

See also: #649

Embedded video doesn't work properly in articles

This only works with pure HTML5 video controls because of potential security issues. If you want to see other types of embedded videos, install videoframes plugin

I have HTTP authentication enabled and get "Your access level is insufficient to run this script" error on login

The problem is that if you have auth_remote enabled in config.php tt-rss tries to automatically log you in as the user specified by the server using HTTP authentication, which may not have administrative privileges. You will need to either temporarily disable auth_remote (replace it with auth_internal in config.php), temporarily disable HTTP authentication, or give yourself administrative permissions using the SQL client:

update ttrss_users set access_level = 10 where login = 'you';

I assign labels to articles with filters but sometimes labels are assigned to wrong articles not covered by filters

Another symptom: articles with seemingly wrong labels contain label keywords.

You have "Auto assign articles to labels" preference enabled which assign labels to articles based on content and title. Disable it.

I'm having performance problems, why is tt-rss so slow?

Tiny Tiny RSS is a complex application written in a not particularly fast interpreted language, so there's a certain performance baseline involved. It is however not very high.

On a decent enough VDS account with a properly tuned database server (this is a very important part, forums have multiple threads on DB performance tweaking, consider searching and reading) you shouldn't really see any perceivable UI lag. If your feeds open for multiple seconds and everything is slow either you are doing something horribly wrong (this includes shared hosting accounts) or your VDS is unfortunately not fast enough.

Don't expect a free hosting account or a DD-WRT router run tt-rss particularly great, this is way below the performance target it is designed for.