Submitting Bugs

Ignoring the following rules will get your account locked and ticket deleted. Read this page in its entirety before submitting tickets.

If you don't want to risk account lock, post on the forums instead. Forum rules are much less strict.

Before creating a ticket

Bug reports and other problems

  • Check the FAQ and search for your problem on the forum and the issue tracker.
  • Try to eliminate client-side problems first: empty your browser cache, try starting without addons in "Safe" mode, etc.
  • Disable any third party themes or plugins you have installed, those are not supported here.
  • Provide complete explanation of the problem, with all related information you might think of.
  • Include at least the following: browser version, client and server operating systems, http server, database server, PHP version, tt-rss version.
  • Only pristine source from Github is supported. If you have modified any of the files or are using third-party packages, download pristine source and verify the issue still exists.
  • In case this wasn't obvious, issue tracker is for supported platforms only.

Feature request tickets

Before submitting think whether your problem could be solved by making a plugin. You can read about tt-rss plugin system here and here.

Please understand that bloating up core tt-rss functionality with tasks better solved by individually developed plugins is a bad idea and it's not going to happen.

You can discuss or request plugins on the forums

Android app issues

  • Android client issues go on a separate issue tracker.
  • I only accept support requests against binaries signed by me and published on Google Play. If you built it off github or downloaded anywhere else and it broke you get to keep both parts. Don't forget to provide APK version information.
  • If your issue can't be replicated on a relevant platform emulator, your ticket will probably be rejected. There's a lot legitimately broken android devices, supporting them is beyond my capabilities.

There are several conditions which automatically disqualify you from support

  • Changing SELF_USER_AGENT (feed-update related issues only)
  • Disabling any of the checks in include/sanity_check.php

Automatic bug reports from the Fatal Error dialog

If you have used the "Report to" function, please include the reference URL of the report when opening a ticket or on the forums.

Submitting patches

Please use Github pull requests

–°reate a new branch in your tree using latest master trunk tree, make the required changes and use the resulting clean patch for the pull request and/or bugtracker ticket.

Please indent source using tabs (\t). Use unix line endings (\n). Please conform to the general code style used for everything else.

Thanks to everyone who submits patches for tt-rss. This is the best kind of support.