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  • API improvements
  • Easier installer
  • Inverse filters and rules
  • Filters can be reordered using drag and drop
  • Filters are loaded in the order displayed on the preference page
  • Add user-defined filter captions
  • Classic mobile added back as a plugin (unsupported, don't ask for new stuff)
  • Barebones smartphone UI for Digest plugin
  • Several social plugins unbundled from trunk, see this forum thread for more information
  • Add plugin to import starred/shared.json files from Google Reader takeout.
  • Allow easily selecting CSS themes dropped into themes/
  • Improve feed update speed (smarter batching, better local caching, support If-Modified-Since on CURL)
  • Low traffic mode automatically disables image embedding
  • The UI is now significantly less yellow
  • Add hotkey f c to toggle auto expand in combined mode
  • Add ability to catchup articles older than 1 day/week/2 weeks
  • Translation updates
  • Combined mode is now the default one
  • API: deprecated support for cookie-based sessions has been removed, please use sid parameter as outlined in API documentation.
  • Some UI cleanup
  • Bugfixes
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