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Detailed PHP requirements

You need PHP 5.4 (or newer, PHP 7 is fine) compiled with (at least) the following modules (those are actually very common and should be available in any reasonable Linux distro):

  • JSON
  • XML (DOMDocument)
  • mbstring
  • fileinfo
  • CURL (not required, but highly recommended) OR support for remote fopen()
  • POSIX functions (for the multiprocess update daemon, otherwise not needed)
  • GD (needed for OTP and some plugins)
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL depending on the database server used

Plugins may have additional dependencies i.e. several bundled plugins depend on CURL.

Some safe_mode-related restrictions may stop parts of tt-rss from functioning. This is usually only a problem for (unsupported) shared hosting configurations.

NB: I’m using whatever Debian stable is shipping. If you decide to use bleeding edge php, especially beta versions, and run into issues, most likely I won’t be able to help you. -fox

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