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Tiny Tiny RSS supports additional themes. This is a list of themes which can be found on repositories and/or on the forum.

Disable any third party themes after upgrading tt-rss, new version might be incompatible with your old theme.

Installation of themes is as simple as copying the css file and the image folder into the ‘themes’ folder of your tt-rss and then activating it, via the dropbox menu, in the preference panel.

Themes and plugins are also available on the forum this is not necessary a complete list.

Between different version of tt-rss, some themes perhaps need to be updated. Therefore they may profit if someone agrees to maintain them.\ Themes author who agree to do that could post a link to their github account or simply let us know that they are available to be contacted in the forums or per email, then we’ll add that information here.

Please note that we’re not responsible for third party themes. Use at your own risk.

Themes may not be compatible between tt-rss versions. It is suggested to select default theme and disable any user CSS modifications before upgrading.

Third party themes master list

Clean GReader Theme

A theme built from scratch, independent of default css. Inspired by the Google Reader it has a white/greyish look.



Feedly Theme

A theme built from scratch, independent of default css. Emulates the greyish look of Feedly.



Reeder Theme

Theme emulates the paper/brownish look of the Reeder App from IOS.



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