[Bug] Punycode domains are parsed wrongly.

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[Bug] Punycode domains are parsed wrongly.

Postby Cthulhux » 25 Dec 2013, 02:40

Interesting bug:

RSS Feed: http://schwerdtfegr.wordpress.com/feed/

In the newest entry, there is a link to http://www.verschlüsseln.org/fingerabdruecke-entfernen-unkenntlich-machen/ which works when called directly from the article. However, Tiny Tiny RSS seems to break the umlaut: www.verschl%c3%bcsseln.org can't be found ...


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Re: [Bug] Punycode domains are parsed wrongly.

Postby fox » 25 Dec 2013, 09:45

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<a href="http://www.verschlüs
seln.org/fingerabdruecke-entfernen-unkenntlich-machen/">Wie man einen reisepass bekommt

I'm not seeing any punycode in here. What I'm seeing is yet another broken feed.

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Bear Rating Disaster
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Re: [Bug] Punycode domains are parsed wrongly.

Postby dxbi » 26 Dec 2013, 01:39

I can't believe I just spend half an hour reading the ATOM spec, the XHTML spec and finally RFC2396 because I somehow thought that fox was wrong. He is not, however :)

Happy holidays and a good start for 2014 everyone!

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