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Generated Feeds

Almost anything you see in headlines buffer can also be accessed and syndicated further via a generated feed (in Atom format) by clicking the little feed icon at the right of the currently loaded feed title; in version 1.12 next to the feed list near the top.

older versions 1.12 and newer

You can access labels, categories, tags, search results as RSS feeds. Since version:1.5.0 you can also limit the articles which go into generated feeds, e.g. you can have a generated feed which includes published articles from category X.

Known issues

Subscribing to your own feed of search results will cause duplicate articles on each and every feed update. See this forum thread for details: https://discourse.tt-rss.org/t/behaviour-of-search-feeds/122/2

Data protection

Generated feeds are protected using random unique keys. Key can be regenerated at any time.

Anatomy of a generated feed URL

Consider an example:


Optional parameters:

Special feed IDs:

Feed ID values less than -10 are considered Labels.

Special category IDs (is_cat=1):

View mode values:

Note: It’s probably not a very good idea to use Adaptive view mode for generated feeds.

Actual output may differ between modes for several special feeds for usability reasons, e.g. recently read feed ignores unread specifier because unread articles are never part of the feed).

Order values:

See also: PublishArticles

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